Multimedia and Human Computer Interaction Final Project Report


  • Main room / Living room / Stage 1 / Clean Your Room


Players are greeted with this room directly after starting the game. This room is a part of stage 1 and is the hub interconnecting all four rooms of the house. After reading the prompt and clicking play, players can start moving their character around the room. Movement in this stage of the game is done using the arrow keys.

Dialog players are exposed to when starting the game.

Players are allowed to move around the room to the four doors available in this room after clicking the play button.

In each room, players are greeted with an instruction on how to play the game which can be quickly dismissed by pressing the “x” button. Once inside the room, there are 2 buttons that are available to players, one being the mute button, the other being the exit button. To navigate back to the living room, players can click on the exit button. The objective of every room is to move the character such that the character can clean the rooms with the appropriate cleaning equipment / tools.

The “How to play” instruction box.

The layout of the first room.

The layout of the second room.

The layout of the third room.

The layout of the fourth room.



  • Stage 2 / Collecting Trash


On the second stage, players are required to catch the falling trash using the recycling bin. The left and right arrow keys are used to move the bin. This stage lasts 30 seconds and the players are only allowed 10 life points during the span of this stage. Each time a trash goes uncatched, one life points will be deducted from the player’s life points.

Instruction to guide users to play this stage

The layout of the second stage.

  • Stage 3 / Organizing Trash


On the third and final stage, players are required to sort and distinguish between the recycleable and organic trash. There are only 3 object for each category in this stage. The players can move the objects to the respective bins by drag and dropping them.

Players are required to move the trash into the respective bins to complete the stage.

A “you win” message will pop up after the user has completed the stage and players will be directed back to the main menu.


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